Cryolipolysis in Porter Ranch, CA

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive body contouring treatment designed to reduce fat cells by applying controlled cooling. This innovative technology targets and cools unwanted fat cells in specific areas to a temperature that triggers their natural death—a process known as apoptosis—without affecting the surrounding tissue. Over time, the body naturally processes and eliminates these dead cells, resulting in a reduction of fat. On The Glow in Porter Ranch, CA, offers Cryolipolysis for patients seeking to address stubborn fat deposits in areas including the abdomen, thighs, flanks, and under the chin.

The treatment is ideal for individuals at or close to their target weight but struggle with localized fat areas that do not respond to diet and exercise. Patients typically start to see changes as soon as three weeks after treatment, with the most significant results after two months. The body will continue to expel fat cells for up to four to six months after the treatment. The results of Cryolipolysis can be long-lasting, especially when combined with a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle. Ready to redefine your contours? Book your Cryolipolysis consultation with On The Glow today and take the first step towards a slimmer you.

Common Treatment Areas for Cryolipolysis:


Reduces belly fat for a flatter profile.


Slims the inner and outer thighs for a more toned appearance.


Minimizes love handles and improves waist contour.

Under the Chin

Eliminates double chin for a more defined jawline.


Reduces bra fat and bulges for a smoother back.

Upper Arms

Targets and reduces upper arm fat for a more sculpted look.

Under the Buttocks

Also known as the banana roll, for a more lifted appearance.


Addresses fat above the knee for a more contoured leg shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Good candidates are those near their ideal body weight with specific areas of stubborn fat resistant to diet and exercise.

Some patients may start to see changes as early as three weeks after treatment, with the most noticeable results after two months.

The results can be long-lasting, provided the patient maintains their post-treatment weight and a healthy lifestyle.

There is minimal to no downtime required. Some patients may experience temporary redness, swelling, bruising, or skin sensitivity.

Before treatment, you should avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs that can thin the blood. After treatment, it’s important to stay hydrated and massage the treated area to enhance the results.

During the treatment, a gel pad and applicator are applied to the targeted area. You’ll feel a cooling sensation, and the area will become numb within a few minutes.

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