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Emsculpt Neo in Porter Ranch, CA

Emsculpt Neo is an innovative body contouring treatment combining muscle toning and fat reduction in a single session. Using radiofrequency heating and high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM), Emsculpt Neo effectively induces powerful muscle contractions while simultaneously burning fat. These contractions are much more intense than one could achieve through exercise alone, leading to better muscle tone and enhanced fat metabolism. On The Glow in Porter Ranch offers Emsculpt Neo for patients looking to sculpt and contour their bodies without the downtime associated with traditional body contouring procedures. It’s particularly effective on the abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs.

Ideal candidates for Emsculpt Neo are those who are close to their desired weight but looking to reduce stubborn pockets of fat and increase muscle definition while contouring and sculpting. Results can be observed as soon as a few weeks after the first session, with continued improvements over the following months. For optimal results, a series of treatments is typically recommended. The outcomes from Emsculpt Neo can be long-lasting, provided that patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you’re ready to take your body contouring to the next level, book an appointment with On The Glow and experience the dual benefits of Emsculpt Neo! 

Common Treatment Areas for Emsculpt Neo:


Emsculpt Neo reduces fat and builds muscle for a toned belly.


Emsculpt Neo lifts and firms the buttocks without invasive surgery.


Emsculpt Neo tones the biceps and triceps for defined arms.


Emsculpt Neo sculpts and contours the calf muscles for a more athletic look


Emsculpt Neo targets inner and outer thighs to reduce fat and enhance muscle tone.

Benefits of Emsculpt Neo:

Frequently Asked Questions

Those close to their ideal body weight who want to reduce fat and build muscle are good candidates for Emsculpt Neo.

Results are generally seen a few weeks after the first treatment, with continued improvement over several months.

The results can be long-lasting with a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity.

There is no downtime required, and side effects are minimal, typically including mild soreness similar to a workout.

Before treatment, you should stay hydrated and avoid heavy meals. After treatment, it’s recommended to continue regular exercise and hydration to enhance results.

During the treatment, you’ll feel intense muscle contractions along with a heating sensation, similar to a hot stone massage, but without discomfort.

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